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Special Event: Booking Dance Festival Edinburgh

Bryant Park Presents Modern Dance

July 4, 2014

2:00pm – 4:00pm

Bryant Park Stage

A showcase prior to the dance festival at The Fringe in Edinburgh featuring eight dynamic dance companies from across the US, plus a special guest company from Martinique.

Synthesis Dance puts beautiful bodies in motion, making fierce and soulful statements about the world inside and out.

Reed Dance, Pittsburgh-based, pulsates to its own athletic and high-energy rhythms.

Rebecca Stenn an extraordinary and charismatic presence and a must for all to relish.

Barkin/Selissen Project, intense and hypnotizing movement at the cutting edge of now.

Buggé Ballet draws in audiences to the romance of its lyrical dance.

Antara Bhardwaj, San Francisco-based, brings India’s Khatak beats to a whole new level of beauty.

Michael Mao Dance, a critically acclaimed company whose works are passionate and meticulously crafted, and infused with a visceral, elemental power.

Art of Motion Dance Theatre enchants and mesmerizes audiences through captivating, magical and dramatically stunning work.

Compagnie Christiane Emmanuel, Martinique-based, is dance theater at its best with enticing and innovative choreography.