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The Kelpies - Installation at Bryant Park

March 21, 2014 – April 22, 2014

Fountain Terrace

Two 15-foot-high steel models of the largest equine sculptures in the world will be unveiled in Bryant Park on Friday, March 21 as part of the launch of Scotland Week in New York City. The larger-than-life installation, known as The Kelpies, are created by Scotland's leading public artist Andy Scott.

The Kelpies are the original 1:10 scale design models of Andy's 100-foot-tall sculptures located in the heart of the new 900 acre Helix Parkland in Falkirk, central Scotland.

With one horse rearing up and the other at rest, a dramatic sense of motion is created. The sculptures are made from hundreds of small pieces of steel plate painstakingly welded to create the forms. The Kelpies were then galvanized, a process that involves dipping the sculptures in baths of molten zinc. The full scale sculptures are now among the largest equine artworks in the world. Take a look at the time lapse video to get a sense of the monumental effort it takes to pull together these two art pieces.

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