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ANALOGIA - Installation at Bryant Park

March 1, 2014 – March 18, 2014

Fountain Terrace

Analogia is an epic new public outdoor art installation making its worldwide debut at Bryant Park. The largest free-standing structure of its kind, Analogia is an overlapping of painting, architecture, and sculpture and will feature a performance component, soundscape designs and a lighting design.

A massive 60-foot edifice comprised of an overlapping tower and pyramid create a temporary gateway to Bryant Park. The imagery, inspired by sculptures from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, captures the inherent tension and similarity of world cultures in a Babel-like structure that juxtaposes Western and non-Western traditions.

Made up of 1.5 miles of bamboo, 200 gallons of tar and enamel, 600 yards of burlap, and 30,000 pounds of steel.

Artist Ben Tritt / Producer Jodi Kaplan