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WSJ Startup of the Year with Lynn Tilton

Breakfast Briefings at the Southwest Porch

July 9, 2013

9:00am – 9:30am

Southwest Porch

WSJ Startup of the Year is a Wall Street Journal documentary series that matches world-class mentors with innovative startups. The experts provide hands-on guidance to growing companies as they build from the ground up.

Meet Lynn Tilton, WSJ Startup of the Year mentor and CEO of Patriarch Partners, the largest woman-owned business in the US. Tilton owns 75 companies across 14 industries, from MD Helicopters to Stila Cosmetics. Like many entrepreneurs, she knows success - and failure. Don't miss the opportunity to hear Tilton speak about modern entrepreneurship.

Interviewed by Vanessa O'Connell of The Wall Street Journal.

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